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Question No.21

What is the first program that is usually started, at boot time, by the Linux kernel when using SysV init?

  1. /lib/

  2. /sbin/init

  3. /etc/rc.d/rcinit

  4. /proc/sys/kernel/init

  5. /boot/init

Correct Answer: B

Question No.22

Which of the following commands brings a system running SysV init into a state in which it is safe to perform maintenance tasks? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  1. shutdown -R 1 now

  2. shutdown -single now

  3. init 1

  4. telinit 1

  5. runlevel 1

Correct Answer: CD

Question No.23

During a system boot cycle, what is the program that is run after the BIOS completes its tasks?

  1. The bootloader

  2. The inetd program

  3. The init program

  4. The kernel

Correct Answer: A

Question No.24

Which of the following commands updates the linker cache of shared libraries?

  1. mkcache

  2. soconfig

  3. mkldconfig

  4. lddconfig

  5. ldconfig

Correct Answer: E

Question No.25

You want to preview where the package file, apache-xml.i386.rpm, will install its files before installing it. What command do you issue?

  1. rpm -qp apache-xml.i386.rpm

  2. rpm -qv apache-xml.i386.rpm

  3. rpm -ql apache-xml.i386.rpm

  4. rpm -qpl apache-xml.i386.rpm

Correct Answer: D

Question No.26

Which file should be edited to select the network locations from which Debian installation package files are loaded?

  1. /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg

  2. /etc/apt/apt.conf

  3. /etc/apt/apt.conf.d

  4. /etc/apt/sources.list

  5. /etc/dpkg/dselect.cfg

Correct Answer: D

Question No.27

When removing a package, which of the following dpkg options will completely remove the files including configuration files?

  1. clean

  2. delete

  3. purge

  4. remove

Correct Answer: C

Question No.28

An administrator has issued the following command: grub-install root-directory=/custom-grub /dev/sda

In which directory will new configuration files be found? (Provide the full directory path only without the filename)

Correct Answer: /custom-grub/boot/grub/, /custom-grub/boot/grub

Question No.29

Which of the following options is used in a GRUB Legacy configuration file to define the amount of time that the GRUB menu will be shown to the user?

  1. hidemenu

  2. splash

  3. timeout

  4. showmenu

Correct Answer: C

Question No.30

Which of the following apt-get commands will install the newest versions of all currently installed packages without removing any packages or installing new packages that are not already installed?

  1. auto-update

  2. upgrade

  3. dist-upgrade

  4. install

  5. update

Correct Answer: B

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