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Question No.11

Which two statements are true about the VMware Horizon Suite platform? (Choose two.)

  1. VMware Horizon Suite connects end users to their data and applications on any device.

  2. VMware Horizon Suite connects end users to their data and applications only from a single centralized device.

  3. VMware Horizon Suite is a secure platform for workforce mobility.

  4. Connecting end users using Horizon Suite is user-friendly but compromises on security and control.

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.12

Which technology enables the Just-in-time Delivery feature of Horizon 7 which ensures rapid deployment of full-featured, personalized digital workspaces?

  1. Instant Clones

  2. ThinApp

  3. Blast Extreme

  4. Smart Policies

Correct Answer: A


Rapidly deploy full-featured, personalized digital workspaces leveraging JMP technologies, which include Instant Clones, App Volumes and User Environment Management.


Question No.13

A company wants to implement a software-defined network solution with minimal impact to the existing environment. What additional hardware, if any, is required when implementing VMware NSX?

  1. A stateful inspection Firewall to take advantage of NSX#39;s built in Firewall protection

  2. None. NSX is a completely non-disruptive solution.

  3. Special VLAN configurations for accessing NSX.

  4. At least two Layer 3 switches that must be converted to trunk mode.

Correct Answer: B


NSX is a completely non-disruptive solution which can be deployed on any IP network from any vendor ?both existing traditional networking models and next generation fabric architectures. The physical network infrastructure already in place is all that is required to deploy a software-defined data center with NSX.

Reference: network-virtualization-design-guide.pdf

Question No.14

A customer would like to have an on-premises private cloud solution with a self-service portal for its users. What VMware product would meet this requirement?

  1. VMware vRealize Automation

  2. VMware vRealize Orchestrator

  3. VMware vCenter Server

  4. VMware vRealize Operations

Correct Answer: B

Question No.15

What are two key cloud challenges faces by customers? (Choose two.)

  1. Availability of organizational budget

  2. Cross-cloud management

  3. Availability of administrative personnel

  4. Connectivity and applying security across clouds

  5. Choice of services offered by different cloud providers is limited.

Correct Answer: BD


Accelerating cancer research, diagnosis and quality of care

Question No.16


Match the VMware NSX solution component with the corresponding plane (layer):


Correct Answer:


Question No.17

Which feature of VMware vSphere will guarantee performance of virtual machine storage traffic during congestion?

  1. Virtual Volumes

  2. Storage DRS

  3. Storage I/O control

  4. VMware vSAN

Correct Answer: C



Question No.18

Which feature in VMware vSphere ensures zero downtime and prevents data loss when a physical server fails?

  1. vSphere Data Protection

  2. High Availability

  3. Fault Tolerance

  4. vSphere Replication

Correct Answer: C


In the event of server failures, VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance (vSphere FT) provides continuous availability for applications with as many as four virtual CPUs. It does so by creating a live shadow instance of a VM that is always up to date with the primary VM. In the event of a hardware outage, vSphere FT automatically triggers failover, ensuring zero downtime and preventing data loss. Like vSphere HA, it protects against hardware failure but completely eliminates downtime with instantaneous cutover and recovery. After failover, vSphere FT automatically creates a new, secondary VM to deliver continuous protection for the application

Reference: vcenter-server-6-0-availability-guide-white-paper.pdf

Question No.19

What is VMware#39;s network virtualization solution for the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)?

  1. VMware NSX for vSphere

  2. vSphere Opaque Network

  3. vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS)

  4. vSphere Standard Switch (vSS)

Correct Answer: A


Question No.20

Which two components are necessary to build a VMware vSAN datastore? (Choose two.)

  1. Just one ESXi host

  2. At least one cache disk and one capacity disk per ESXi Host

  3. External storage system

  4. Certified Raid-Controller with RAID5 array

  5. VMware compatible X86 server hardware

Correct Answer: BE

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1V0-701 Dumps

1V0-701 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 21-30

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Question No.21

Which is the definition of VMware Cloud Foundation?

  1. A Unified Software-Defined Data Center platform that integrates VMware compute, storage, and network virtualization for private and public clouds.

  2. A non-profit organization promoting cloud computing using VMware Integrated OpenStack.

  3. A joint venture between VMware and public cloud service providers for seamless workload movement between clouds.

  4. A partnership with Amazon to provide the Software-Defined Data Center as a service.

Correct Answer: A


Question No.22

At which layer does VMware vSAN provide redundancy for Virtual Machine (VM) files?

  1. At host storage controller (RAID) only.

  2. In VMware vSAN only.

  3. In VMware vSAN and virtual machine (VM) storage policies.

  4. At host storage controller (RAID) and VMware vSAN.

Correct Answer: C

Explanation: design.doc/GUID-6F009138-C06B-4CF0-89A4-9FFECA22F7FE.html

Question No.23

What are the core components of VMware Cloud Foundation?

  1. VMware, vSphere, vSAN and NSX

  2. Database services, storage hardware, and network switches

  3. VMware vRealize Suite, Workspace One, and Horizon

  4. Routers, switches, and gateway appliances

Correct Answer: A


The core components of VMware Cloud Foundation are VMware vSphere, Virtual SAN and NSX. VMware Cloud Foundation also comes with VMware SDDC Manager that automates the entire system lifecycle and simplifies software operations. In addition, it can be further integrated with VMware vRealize?Suite, VMware Horizon?and VMware Integrated OpenStack.


Question No.24

A system administrator needs to run a Microsoft Windows 2000 server but the hardware provider doesn#39;t have the drivers for this operating system. What could the system administrator do to be able to run this server?

  1. Install the operating system from a USB drive.

  2. Use drivers for a newer version of the operating system/

  3. Install it on vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC).

  4. Install VMware vSphere and use it as a virtual machine.

Correct Answer: D

Explanation:;testConfi g=16amp;productid=11014amp;releaseid=367amp;supRel=367,amp;deviceCategory=softwareamp;details=1amp;rele ases=367amp;operatingSystems=50amp;productNames=15amp;page=1amp;display_interval=10amp;sortColumn


Question No.25

Which two benefits are delivered through VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)? (Choose two.)

  1. Complex architecture

  2. IT driven policies

  3. Comprehensive management

  4. Flexible cloud delivery

  5. Increased administrative cost

Correct Answer: BC


Question No.26

A supervisor wants to find a way for employees to access remote desktop applications without having to install any additional software other than a web browser. Which aspect of Horizon 7 would be a solution?

  1. Horizon Client

  2. HTML Access

  3. vSphere Client

  4. VMware Tools

Correct Answer: B


If you use the HTML Access feature, end users can open a remote desktop or application inside a browser, without having to install any client application on the client system or device.

Reference: AD6BF5D5-92EA-4762-A8C7-6E30DC3B3908.html

Question No.27

Which three choices are key objectives or deliverables for proposing a solution? (Choose three.)

  1. Design Requirements Workbook

  2. Backup Strategy

  3. Operating Procedures

  4. Implementation Guide

  5. Validation Procedures

Correct Answer: ACD

Question No.28

What VMware product would address a customer#39;s need for micro-segmentation?

  1. VMware vRealize Automation

  2. VMware vRealize Network Insight

  3. VMware ESXi

  4. VMware NSX

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: securing-anywhere.html/

Question No.29

Which component is responsible for managing the distributed switching and routing modules in the hypervisor in an NSX architecture?

  1. ESXi hypervisor

  2. NSX controller cluster

  3. NSX manager

  4. vCenter Server

Correct Answer: B


The controller cluster in the NSX platform is the control plane component responsible for managing the hypervisor switching and routing modules. The controller cluster consists of controller nodes that manage specific logical switches. The use of controller cluster in managing VXLAN based logical switches eliminates the need for multicast configuration at the physical layer for VXLAN overlay

Reference: network-virtualization-design-guide.pdf (page 16)

Question No.30


Match the Horizon 7 components with their appropriate descriptions.


Correct Answer:


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1V0-701 Dumps

1V0-701 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 31-40

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Question No.31

Which server sits in the DMZ and allows external devices to connect to the Horizon Mirage service?

  1. Mirage Server

  2. Mirage Branch Reflector

  3. Mirage Management Server

  4. Mirage Gateway Server

Correct Answer: D


Question No.32

Which vSphere component provides hypervisor-based virtual machine replication and recovery?

  1. VMware Site Recovery Manager

  2. VMware vSphere Data Protection

  3. VMware vSphere Replication

  4. VMware vSAN

Correct Answer: C


VMware vSphere Replication is a hypervisor-based, asynchronous replication solution for vSphere virtual machines. It is fully integrated with VMware vCenter Server and the vSphere Web Client. vSphere Replication delivers flexible, reliable and cost-efficient replication to enable data protection and disaster recovery for all virtual machines in your environment.

Question No.33

Which component in VMware NSX provides L2 bridging from the logical networking space VXLAN to the physical space?

  1. NSX virtual switch

  2. Logical Router control VM

  3. Logical router

  4. NSX Edge virtual appliance

Correct Answer: C


The logical routers can provide L2 bridging from the logical networking space (VXLAN) to the physical network (VLAN).


Question No.34

Which are two ways of gathering business requirements and objectives from a customer? (Choose two.)

  1. Interview Executive and Director-level resources to determine business objectives, problems, and opportunities for growth in their business.

  2. Discuss with the IT Management about which vendors they prefer, and when they are able to execute a Proof of Concept to show them the newest products and solutions available.

  3. Perform a GAP Analysis of the existing business and IT environment with business stakeholders, and discuss what is needed to accomplish the customer#39;s objectives.

  4. List what the customer isn#39;t using, ask the customer for its budget, and determine what is within that budget.

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.35

Which three choices are design principles? (Choose three.)

  1. Manageability

  2. Constraints

  3. Performance

  4. Requirements

  5. Availability

Correct Answer: BDE

Question No.36

What advantage does VMware vSphere provide to an organization?

  1. Decreased business efficiency

  2. Simplified data center monitoring

  3. Lower server availability

  4. Increased data center efficiency

Correct Answer: D

Question No.37

Which VMware solution provides the highest availability?

  1. VMware Update Manager

  2. VMware vMotion

  3. VMware vCenter HA

  4. VMware DRS

Correct Answer: C

Question No.38

What are the three vRealize Suite editions offered by VMware?

  1. Standard, Advanced, Enterprise

  2. Standard, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus

  3. Foundation, Standard, Enterprise

  4. Advanced, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus

Correct Answer: A


VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform is available in three editions: Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. New portable licensing allows customers to manage multi-vendor private and public clouds with common licensing.


Question No.39


Match the requirements to the appropriate VMware solution.


Correct Answer:


Question No.40

What are two benefits of VMware vSAN? (Choose two.)

  1. Integrate physical SAN

  2. Uses only magnetic disks

  3. Hardware-agnostic solution

  4. Software-agnostic solution

  5. Scale to future

Correct Answer: CE

Explanation: vsan-66-licensing-guide.pdf

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1V0-701 Dumps

1V0-701 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 1-10

Get Full Version of the Exam

Question No.1

Which is the main differentiator for VMware vSAN when compared to a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA)?

  1. VMware vSAN is integrated into the ESXi Kernel.

  2. VMware vSAN can be implemented with external storage.

  3. VMware vSAN is implemented as virtual Appliance.

  4. A VSA is tightly integrated with VMkernel.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.2

Which two statements about VMware Horizon View Administrator are true? (Choose two.)

  1. VMware Horizon View Administrator can be installed on a vCenter Server that manages virtual machines.

  2. VMware Horizon View Administrator is installed with the Horizon View Connection Server.

  3. VMware Horizon View Administrator is a software service that acts as a broker for client connections.

  4. VMware Horizon View Administrator allows administrators to manage Horizon View Connection Server instances from anywhere without having to install an application on their local computers.

Correct Answer: BD

Explanation: view.planning.doc/GUID-925916AD-5891-4DF8-B20C-C22A2B2B0528.html

Question No.3

Which four application services are delivered by VMware Horizon 7? (Choose four.)

  1. Packaged apps with VMware ThinApp

  2. Virtualized apps from Citrix

  3. SaaS apps

  4. Helpdesk ticketing system

  5. RDS hosted apps

  6. Anti-virus services

Correct Answer: ABCE

Explanation: 10430.html

Question No.4

Which feature of VMware vSphere will automate the process of migrating virtual machines to fewer hosts during times of low workloads?

  1. FT

  2. EVC

  3. DPM

  4. HA

Correct Answer: C


Power-Management-vSphere.pdf (p. 3)

Question No.5

Which two statements are true for vRealize Business for Cloud? (Choose two.)

  1. It provides costing for non-vSphere workload by directly integrating with them.

  2. It provides public cloud costing, consumption analysis, and pricing.

  3. It collects performance data through the agents that are deployed in the cloud workloads.

  4. It provides costing for native services hosted on AWS and Azure cloud.

  5. It provides Automatic private cloud metering, costing, and pricing.

Correct Answer: BE


Question No.6

VMware offers vRealize Suite in editions that provide different functionality at different points, making it easy to license VMware vRealize Suite to meet a customer#39;s specific requirements and use cases. Which three are vRealize Suite editions? (Choose three.)

  1. Enterprise Plus

  2. Foundations

  3. Advanced

  4. Enterprise

  5. Professional

  6. Standard

Correct Answer: CDF


Question No.7

Which are five key benefits of the VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform? (Choose five.)

  1. Business/ IT Alignment

  2. Control

  3. Agility

  4. Security

  5. Optimize

  6. Configuration Management

  7. Efficiency

Correct Answer: ABCEG

Explanation:;rct=jamp;q=amp;esrc=samp;source=webamp;cd=2amp;cad=rjaamp;uact=8amp;ved=0a hUKEwiM1ru0seXWAhWLYVAKHeFwDAQQFggsMAEamp;url= m/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/products/vrealize- suite/vmware_vrs_datasheet.pdfamp;usg=AOvVaw2tv-l6pAeO5_kJPF6tX5Hu

Question No.8

In which form does Virtual SAN store and manage data?

  1. Files

  2. Disks

  3. Objects

  4. Blocks

Correct Answer: C


Virtual SAN stores and manages data in the form of flexible data containers called objects. An object is a logical volume that has its data and metadata distributed and accessed across the entire cluster.

Reference: 2B3B720F-0A7E-4B4B-883F-85A39C1A6C5A.html

Question No.9

Which two are use cases for a VMware vSphere deployment. (Choose two.)

  1. A company wants higher availability in their data centers.

  2. A company wants to run all applications directly on bare metal servers.

  3. A company wants a mixed workload of public and private cloud.

  4. A company wants to run all workloads in the public cloud.

  5. A company wants to run all workloads on-premises.

Correct Answer: AE

Question No.10

How does VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture address incompatibility between clouds?

  1. VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture does not address incompatibility between clouds.

  2. By using network virtualization technology across clouds.

  3. By replacing public clouds.

  4. By replacing private clouds.

Correct Answer: B

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