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Question No.21

Which of the following would an instructor do with a new class to get the learners involved?

  1. Have the learners introduce themselves.

  2. Lecture on the topic and then ask questions about the lecture.

  3. Have the learners stand around and talk to each other.

  4. Give a survey to assess each learner#39;s knowledge.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.22

An instructor is discussing key material for a course when a learner asks a question that will lead to material that the class is not yet prepared for. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor?

  1. Inform the learner that the question can be asked during a break

  2. Answer the question as not doing so may cause the learner to be confused.

  3. Defer the question and assure the learner that it will be covered later in the course.

  4. Inform the learner that the question falls outside of scope and will not be answered.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.23

While conducting a class the power goes out. After an hour it is restored. Which of the following would be the BEST method of delivering the remainder of the course?

  1. Condense the remaining topics.

  2. Reduce the break time for the remainder of the day to catch-up on the missed material

  3. Give the learners home work to do independent study on the missed material.

  4. Have the learners stay late to make-up for the missed course time.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.24

A learner returns from break ten minutes late during a short lecture. Which of the following is the BEST response?

  1. Have a time management discussion with the learner after the lecture.

  2. Interrupt the lecture and acknowledge the learner#39;s return.

  3. Stop the lecture and quickly review with the learner.

  4. Continue on with the class and discuss time management with the entire class.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.25

While conducting a lab exercise a learner states that they cannot complete the lab due to lack of confidence. Which of the following options is the BEST way to handle this situation?

  1. Give the learner encouraging comments.

  2. Assign an easier lab to increase the learner confidence.

  3. Recommend that the learner take a pre-requisite class to increase their confidence.

  4. Give the learner extra materials to practice the exercise.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.26

When an instructor is trying to gather information from learners about a subject, which of the following question types can be asked?

  1. Closed-ended

  2. Open-ended

  3. Clarifying

  4. True/false

Correct Answer: B

Question No.27

An instructor uses multiple forms of media to help the class understand a difficult topic. Unfortunately learners are still having a hard time with the concept. Noticing difficulty, the instructor creates another learning tool to explain the topic another way. Which of the following BEST describes the skill the instructor is using?

  1. Create opportunities for learners to contribute to the discussion

  2. Plan and use a variety of reinforcement techniques during training

  3. Adapt learning methods as intended by the course designers

  4. Enhance, substitute or create media as appropriate

Correct Answer: D

Question No.28

An instructor notices a learner is not completing the practice exercise that has been assigned. Which of the following is the BEST way to elicit participation?

  1. Ask the non-participating learner how they are doing and if they have any questions.

  2. Re-assign the exercise as a group activity.

  3. Alter the exercise for the non-participating learner to suit their learning style.

  4. Offer a class-wide reward for the completion of the exercise.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.29

An instructor wants to quickly evaluate learner knowledge after an exercise. Which of the following methods would BEST achieve this?

  1. Give a written exam on the topic.

  2. Have the learners perform an additional exercise on the topic

  3. Ask the learners random questions about the topic.

  4. Have the learners engage in a group discussion of the topic.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.30

A learner asks a question, and the instructor provides an answer. The learner#39;s face immediately shows signs of confusion. Which of the following is the BEST approach the instructor should take?

  1. Verbally confirm the learner understands and provide another explanation

  2. Provide the same answer and ask if the learner understands

  3. Wait for a couple minutes to determine if the learner comprehends the answer

  4. Ignore the look on the learner#39;s face and move on to the next point

Correct Answer: A

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TK0-201 Dumps

TK0-201 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 31-40

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Question No.31

Several learners in a training class are very motivated to help the instructor and other learners with a project. Other learners in the class seem not motivated to learn about the project. Which of the following can the instructor do to motivate all the learners?

  1. Take the non-motivated learners aside and inform them they will fail the course without participation.

  2. Add more visual interest to the course to hopefully motivate all the learners

  3. Focus on the motivated learners and offer them incentives.

  4. Encourage all the learners and pair the motivated learners with the non-motivated learners.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.32

An instructor is facilitating a week long course. It has become clear to the instructor that the majority of the learners lack motivation, evident by their lack of effort and willingness to contribute when prompted. Which of the following would BEST provide the learners assistance to achieve success? (Select TWO).

  1. The instructor should incorporate more visual aids during instruction in order to improve the level of interest.

  2. The instructor should encourage the learners to repeat the course when they are ready to participate.

  3. The instructor should schedule a meeting with each individual learner to discuss the lack of effort,

  4. The instructor should adjust the instructional approach to better meet the learner backgrounds and skill sets

  5. The instructor should assign relevant practice and offer positive feedback where appropriate

Correct Answer: DE

Question No.33

An instructor is a member of an organization that has recently received a great deal of unfavorable publicity about the actions of many of the organization#39;s members at a recent convention. The instructor has just received the first instructional assignment since the publicized events took place. In this situation, which of the following must the instructor do FIRST to gain the respect of the audience?

  1. Demonstrate acceptable personal conduct

  2. Demonstrate content expertise

  3. Demonstrate flexibility in response to learner needs and interests

  4. Demonstrate effective questioning techniques

Correct Answer: A

Question No.34

Which of the following would be on an evaluation when seeking feedback concerning courseware material used during a class?

  1. Design of the courseware materials

  2. Accuracy of the courseware

  3. Cost of the courseware

  4. Instructor#39;s use of the courseware

Correct Answer: B

Question No.35

An instructor is presenting to a class and notices that a particular learner is not paying attention; however, when the instructor gives a pop quiz, this learner earns the best grade. Which of the following BEST describes the situation?

  1. The quiz did not cover the class concepts effectively

  2. The learner has mastery of the information tested.

  3. The quiz motivated the learner.

  4. The answers to the pop quiz were distributed prior to class

Correct Answer: B

Question No.36

An instructor was unable to cover the last concept in the course, yet test results from the last day indicated that all members of the class correctly answered questions addressing this concept. In this situation, which of the following should the instructor have done?

  1. Monitored learner performance during instruction

  2. Administered tests

  3. Evaluated learner#39;s attainment of end-of-course objectives

  4. Judged the adequacy of the evaluation

Correct Answer: D

Question No.37

Which of the following is an essential technique for holding a learner#39;s attention?

  1. Providing a model for professional and interpersonal behavior

  2. Using humorous stories to interest learners in the course content

  3. Asking open-ended questions and allowing sufficient time for learners to elaborate on their responses

  4. Using eye contact to engage learners when making an oral presentation

Correct Answer: D

Question No.38

An instructor is hosting an online course with ten learners. Half of the learners have taken online courses before and are familiar with virtual courses. The other half of the class is new to the virtual environment. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST to help all of the learners understand what is required for the course?

  1. Provide a link to the course requirements with a tutorial.

  2. Remove the learners from the class and have them return after a general computing course.

  3. Email each learner welcoming them to the class and have them introduce themselves.

  4. Have the learner#39;s advisors train the learners on the virtual environment.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.39

After presenting a new topic, the instructor initiates a class discussion based on the presentation. The discussion is designed to enhance learner understanding and stimulate interest in the topic. Which of the following BEST describes the skill demonstrated by the instructor1?

  1. The instructor selected and implemented appropriate delivery methods

  2. The instructor used a variety of question types and techniques

  3. The instructor used appropriate instructional media

  4. The instructor used active listening techniques to facilitate learning

Correct Answer: A

Question No.40

An instructor has a class of learners who are required to attend. Most of the learners are not paying attention or participating. Which of the following will increase the level of learner motivation?

  1. Explain to the learners that the material is really interesting and they might want to pay attention.

  2. Ask the learners if there is something more relevant they would prefer to learn.

  3. Explain to the learners the skills they learn by taking this class could lead to career benefits.

  4. Explain to the learners that they are only in class for a few days, and to make the best of it.

Correct Answer: C

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TK0-201 Dumps

TK0-201 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 41-50

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Question No.41

During a break several learners are in the room joking about the facility and ask the instructor their opinion of the facilities. Which of the following describes how the instructor should respond?

  1. Remove the learners from the course for their unprofessional behavior.

  2. Correct the learners for joking about the facilities and remind them about professional behavior.

  3. Join the conversation and avoid negative comments about the facilities.

  4. Join the conversation and joke about the facilities.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.42

When presenting a topic, which of the following is the BEST way to establish eye contact to ensure learner interest and participation?

  1. Look around the room as to not intimidate any specific learner.

  2. Briefly make eye contact with each learner as the instructor moves around the room.

  3. Stop and look at each individual for a few seconds to let them know they are important to the class.

  4. Avoid contact and focus on the media being used so the learners can do the same.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.43

An instructor wants to demonstrate a technical topic that requires a certain procedure. Which of the following is the BEST way to achieve this?

  1. Have the learners brainstorm ideas on the topic.

  2. Have the learners role play the topic.

  3. Hold an open discussion on the topic.

  4. Show the learners via a desktop sharing demonstration.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.44

An instructor is preparing for a technical class. In the past some of the course has proven confusing. The instructor wants to be able to cover all concepts so there is no confusion. Which of the following might the instructor do to BEST provide clarity for the learners?

  1. Assign independent labs for each concept

  2. Provide a technical document for each concept

  3. Apply real world examples for each concept

  4. Spend more time in open discussion

Correct Answer: C

Question No.45

Trainees reported that a trainer#39;s innovative use of media greatly enhanced their ability to understand course content. Which of the following audiences is MOST likely to need this information?

  1. The company that pays to have its employees trained

  2. The person who schedules trainers

  3. The instructional designer

  4. The other trainers who teach the same course

Correct Answer: D

Question No.46

A contract instructor is delivering a class developed for a company. Learners have stated in the past that the material was confusing, there was not enough depth and the information was out ofdate. In planning for this course, which of the following might be BEST for the instructor to do to maximize the needs of the learners?

  1. Use the provided material as a guideline and use additional resources to clarity the course.

  2. Present the material as it is written and request the learners inform the company of the quality of the material.

  3. Rewrite the course and deliver the newly written material to the class.

  4. Request different material be purchased and reviewed before delivery of the upcoming class.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.47

An instructor receives a 125MB graphic file on a universal serial bus (USB) drive that will be used in a virtual classroom session. The instructor knows that the learners will be attending this virtual class using low bandwidth connections around the world. Which of the following should the instructor do to ensure that the learners will be able to easily receive the document?

  1. Purchase small USB drives that support encryption. Place the file on each USB drive and then ship the drives to the learners prior to the class.

  2. Place the file on a media share website. Email the learners a link to the location of the document and ask them to download it prior to the class.

  3. Print copies of the document and mail them to the learners prior to the class. Refer to the printed document during the virtual class session, and display it in the presentation.

  4. Email the document prior to the class and have the learners figure out how to access it with limited bandwidth.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.48

A learner is consistently questioning their performance during a lab activity and needs the instructor#39;s approval. The instructor observes that the learner is very hesitant to do the lab steps but completes the work correctly. Which of the following would the instructor do to BEST aid the learner?

  1. Immediately go back to observe the learner when lab activity is required

  2. Help other learners first then go to the one learner.

  3. Allow time before or after class for the learner to complete the activities.

  4. Reaffirm the correct abilities of the learner

Correct Answer: D

Question No.49

Which of the following describes a form of feedback with the GREATEST positive impact?

  1. Suggestions that focus on procedures versus the concepts

  2. Measurable results from summative assessments

  3. Specific comments on errors with suggestions on how to improve

  4. Comparing learner performance with other learners

Correct Answer: C

Question No.50

An instructor is teaching a beginner topic. Most of the learners explain that they are already familiar with the course content. Which of the following should the instructor do?

  1. Continue the class as planned assuring completion of current course objectives

  2. Ask the advanced learners what they would like to cover in the course and then change objectives based on advanced learner#39;s requests.

  3. Ask the experienced learners to return for a more advanced course

  4. Modify the curriculum as necessary to fulfill student expectations while still meeting course objectives.

Correct Answer: D

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Question No.51

The Human Resources department is conducting a class for new employees when the air conditioning stops working. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST?

  1. Report the incident to the maintenance department

  2. Tell the employees it is not unbearable and continue with the course

  3. Cancel the class and reschedule the class for another time.

  4. Continue on with the instruction ignoring the temperature issue.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.52

While facilitating a lab where learners are expected to follow directions, some learners are deviating from the assigned task. Which of the following is the BEST response?

  1. Ask learners to come after class and redo the assignment.

  2. Redirect the learners who deviated from the directions.

  3. Change the pairing of learners to prevent further deviation from assigned tasks.

  4. Bring the learners deviation to the attention of the class and make them an example.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.53

During a classroom demonstration that uses a shared desktop program, the computer network becomes unavailable. After several attempts to resolve the issue the network remains unavailable. Which of the following is the BEST option to continue with the demonstration?

  1. Have the facilities coordinator provide a projector.

  2. Continue with the demonstration with all learners looking at the instructor#39;s screen,

  3. Continue the demonstration by explaining what is on the instructor#39;s screen.

  4. Postpone the class until the network becomes available.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.54

An instructor is teaching an advanced two-day workshop for experienced users of a specific software program. The learners were recommended to participate by their supervisors. The instructor is informally talking with the learners prior to the first session, when one learner confides concerns about their ability to succeed in the course. The BEST way for the instructor to respond to the learner is to:

  1. Convince the learner they should feel confident because of the recommendation by the learner#39;s supervisor

  2. Offer to contact the learner#39;s supervisor and verify that the learner has the prerequisite skills for the course.

  3. Monitor the learner#39;s performance during the first part of the course and meet with the learner at the first break.

  4. Assure the learner that the course material for the workshop will teach what the learner needs to succeed in the course.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.55

Which of the following should an instructor consider when distributing motivational incentives?

  1. The incentives should be geared towards individuals and not the group as a whole.

  2. The incentives should be used to gain the learners attention.

  3. The incentives should be given out freely as encouragement to the learners.

  4. The incentives should be considered by the learners as appropriate and necessary.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.56

While the class is working on training modules, the instructor intermittent polls them to determine their pace in relationship to the daily objectives. Which of the following BEST describes what skill the instructor is demonstrating?

  1. Determine and apply appropriate motivational strategies for individual learners,

  2. Provide assistance for learners to identify and achieve initial, intermediate and terminal objectives.

  3. Control the flow and timing of the course based on learner needs ensuring that objectives are covered,

  4. Monitor learner comfort level during the use of participatory activities.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.57

An instructor is conducting a review of written instructions and is aware that the preferred learning style of one of the learners is kinesthetic. Which of the following is the BEST choice for the instructor?

  1. Adjust the delivery of the review to include more graphs and charts as part of the exercise.

  2. Administer an exam to verify learner#39;s knowledge of the material.

  3. Deliver the curriculum as defined in the documentation so that the rest of the class does not fall behind.

  4. Adjust the delivery of the review to include a demonstration as part of the exercise.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.58

When delivering lecture in a virtual classroom environment, an instructor should:

  1. Use markup tools (e.g. highlighter) to guide the learners focus.

  2. Record as much as possible ahead of time to avoid misspeaking.

  3. Use open-ended questions to facilitate discussion.

  4. Only use live video as a backup plan due to bandwidth restrictions.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.59

An instructor is conducting a virtual classroom with an international audience and finds that any

single method used for delivery of the material leaves about a third of the learners uninvolved. Which of the following is the BEST course of action?

  1. Send out a public message to the class asking which method of delivery is working best for the class

  2. Send out a private message to each learner asking which method of delivery is working best for them

  3. Query for commonalities amongst the learners,

  4. Continue to use multiple means of delivery

Correct Answer: D

Question No.60

An instructor asks an open-ended question to the class. Which of the following BEST describes the skill the instructor is demonstrating?

  1. Plan and use a variety of reinforcement techniques during training.

  2. Elicit learner feedback on the adequacy of instructor responses.

  3. Provide feedback that is specific to learners needs.

  4. Create opportunities for learners to contribute to the discussion.

Correct Answer: D

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TK0-201 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 1-10

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Question No.1

An instructor has been teaching for three hours on the first day of a three-day course. At the lunch break, the instructor reviews the preparedness of the learners and their responses to questions. The instructor notes that one learner does not demonstrate mastery of the concepts taught that morning. In this situation, which of the following should the instructor do?

  1. Give an advanced activity to the other learners and re-teach the morning activity to the learner who has not mastered the concepts.

  2. Re-teach the concepts taught in the morning session to the class, but use different handouts.

  3. Pair the learner with one of the more advanced learners who likes to share knowledge.

  4. Continue to teach the course as outlined, and after class offer to help the learner who has not mastered the concepts.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.2

When a company provides training for their employees, which category on an evaluation will be MOST beneficial to the instructor?

  1. Business results

  2. Environment

  3. Learning effectiveness

  4. Courseware

Correct Answer: C

Question No.3

An instructor completed the required content of a technical course early. The instructor decided to fill the time by writing tasks on the board and assigning them to individual students. A timeline

was provided for the overall task completion and all students were expected to apply their new knowledge to the task assigned. The instructor then proceeded to work on plans for thenext course in this situation, which of the following statements about the appropriateness of the activity is true?

  1. It was appropriate because use of the exercises covered the gap in the timing of the course.

  2. It was appropriate because the students were given a frame of reference upon which to apply what they learned.

  3. It was inappropriate because it placed a heavy burden on students to successfully complete the exercise.

  4. It was inappropriate because it did not offer students a stated learning result applicable to their experience

Correct Answer: C

Question No.4

An instructor receives poor evaluations for a particular class. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST to improve the performance?

  1. Read the comments to gain understanding of the low scores to find specific areas to work on.

  2. Re-develop the course from scratch.

  3. Practice the course in front of other instructors to receive direct feedback on how to improve.

  4. Contact each learner and ask for clarity on their responses.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.5

While giving an overhead presentation the projector being used powers off. Which of the following is the FIRST course of action?

  1. Take a break and have technical support address the problem.

  2. Lecture from the instructor notes until the next break.

  3. Dismiss the class until the projector can be fixed.

  4. Have technical support correct the problem immediately during class

Correct Answer: B

Question No.6

Learners are MOST likely to learn a skill successfully when a topic is presented:

  1. In a cluster with other, similar skills

  2. Just in time for the learner to apply it

  3. As part of a summary of related skills

  4. As part of a review session prior to an examination

Correct Answer: B

Question No.7

A learner responds incorrectly to an instructor#39;s question. Which of the following is the BEST response?

  1. The instructor should answer the question in order to maintain the self-confidence of the learner

  2. Be honest and tell the learner the answer was incorrect.

  3. Thank the participant for trying and desk if someone could help out.

  4. Move quickly to the next question so the learner will not feel embarrassed.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.8

At the end of a class, the instructor provides an online evaluation of the course to the learners. Which of the following is MOST appropriate to put on the evaluation? (Select TWO).

  1. Instructor#39;s presentation abilities

  2. Accessibility of the facility

  3. Technical accuracy of the course material

  4. Amount of time the learner studied for the course

  5. Job title of the learner

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.9

A course is two days in length, and has at its core a four-step process. At the end of the first day, learners should be able to effectively demonstrate the first two steps of the model; however, it is clear a number of participants have not yet mastered the second step of the model. The instructor should:

  1. Plan to practice the second step of the model at the star of day two

  2. Meet individually with the learners who seem to be struggling

  3. Only focus on the first two steps of the model

  4. Continue with the course as planned on day two

Correct Answer: A

Question No.10

While facilitating a class an instructor uses a variety of questioning techniques. Which of the following BEST describes the benefits?

  1. Challenges learners, involves them and helps to monitor their progress.

  2. Establishes an environment that supports learning, and maintains focus on meeting stated learning objectives

  3. Facilitates group dynamics in a positive way, while encouraging respectful interactions.

  4. Keeps the learners engaged as to what is coming next andconveys the importance of theirknowledge.

Correct Answer: A

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Question No.11

An instructor notices that several learners in a virtual classroom have not been actively participating. The learners are still connected to the session. Which of the following would be the FIRST action to re-engage the learners in the class?

  1. Send them a private message to make sure they understand the material

  2. Survey the class with a question and require a response.

  3. Use more visual demonstrations to get the learners interested.

  4. Send the class a public message that everyone needs to participate.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.12

An instructor is conducting a virtual class and finds that several learners do not have computer systems that actually meet the guidelines for the course. Due to this, certain required shared applications will not work for them. Which of the following represents the BEST action for the


  1. Contact the course coordinator to remind learners of the requirements

  2. Remove the sharing of applications as the entire class cannot participate.

  3. Change the applications that are shared to ones that are compatible to all systems

  4. Request the learners use systems that are compatible with the course.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.13

To illustrate a point, the trainer uses a joke that the class does not understand. Which of the following should the trainer do next?

  1. Attempt to save the situation by telling another joke

  2. Pretend nothing happened and continue with the lesson

  3. Retell the joke explaining its punch line

  4. Decide not to use humor in future presentations

Correct Answer: B

Question No.14

After teaching a very long block of instruction before lunch, the instructor wants to check how well the learners have learned the material. Which of the following methods is the BEST to accomplish this goal?

  1. Have the learners answer review questions about the block of instruction

  2. Have each learner recite what was said during the block of instruction

  3. Give the learners home work that night and go over it the next day

  4. Put the learners in groups to discuss the instruction that was taught.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.15

A learner shows up for class dressed inappropriately. Which of the following is the FIRST action the instructor should do?

  1. Take the learner aside and inform the learner of the dress code policy.

  2. Point out the violation of dress code in front of the other learners.

  3. Remove the learner from class until they adhere to the dress code.

  4. Give all the learners a break and address the situation with the point of contact

Correct Answer: A

Question No.16

At the beginning of a training session, a trainer instructed the learners to use Brand X computers because the instructional design assumes Brand X computers. Many learners objected. They felt that since they will be using Brand Y computers at work, they should work on Brand Y computers in the room. If the instructor needs to use Brand X computers to instruct, which of thefollowing is the MOST appropriate way to respond to the learners#39; need to be able to apply course materials to job requirements?

  1. First explain to the class how the materials apply to Brand X. and then do the same for Brand Y.

  2. Do not mention either brand by name, but refer learners to the manual covering each of the respective brands.

  3. Provide a guide that relates Brand X to Brand Y computer functions

  4. After providing the planned instruction on the Brand X computers, discuss differences that Brand Y computers present to the user.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.17

Which of the following is the BEST example of a probing questioning?

  1. Ask a question about a scenario that relates to a subject or process.

  2. Ask a general question followed by more detailed questions on a subject or process.

  3. Ask a basic question and ask the learner to apply a real world answer.

  4. Ask a specific question and then have it redirected to other learners to probe their understanding

Correct Answer: B

Question No.18

An instructor was preparing for a one-hour virtual class anticipating that several questions would come up during the event. Which of the following steps should the instructor take to prepare for this session?

  1. Conduct a pre-course assessment to defer any questions

  2. Ask all participants to hold questions until the end to manage time

  3. Prepare answers to common questions ahead of time

  4. Only allow five minutes for questions at the beginning of the training

Correct Answer: C

Question No.19

For this question, decide whether the action makes it likely or unlikely that an instructor will achieve the goal. Select the BEST statement that explains why the action is likely or unlikely to accomplish the goal.

GOAL: To employ instructional techniques appropriate to methods and instructional situations prescribed

ACTION: At the completion of each of the courseware#39;s modules, the instructor lists additional reference materials and suggests additional exercises for the students.

  1. Likely, because the offering of additional learning exercises extends the learning concepts detailed in the courseware

  2. Likely, because the instructor is using experience with the courseware to supplement where necessary.

  3. Unlikely, because the instructor is relying on student motivation rather than instruction techniques.

  4. Unlikely, because the offering of additional material would be of little relevance to the students.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.20

A company is preparing to roll-out a training course on advanced accounting skills. The company has asked a contract instructor to facilitate the course. The instructor has no background in accounting. Which of the following should the instructor do?

  1. Ask to team teach the course with an expert

  2. Accept the offer contingent upon six weeks of preparation time

  3. Decline the offer based on lack of knowledge of accounting principles

  4. Accept the offer and learn the content by observing accounting experts

Correct Answer: C

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